Jordan + Phil

Hooray for the first wedding of the 2015 season! Starting my year off much earlier than usual, but it was a stunning day with a fantastic couple. 

Jordan and Phil came all the way from Sidney, NE to get married here in Lakewood, CO. Our day started with beautiful blue skies, Erika & I picking up coffee and making our way to the church. We spent a good amount of the morning capturing the special details of the day, intimate moments and a sweet moment between the couple before the ceremony, where they discussed nothing else than avocados, true love. 

We finished the ceremony and headed over to the Lakewood Heritage Center for some wedding party photos & romantics of the two of them. What a rowdy bunch! From random dance offs to heckling the locals trying to get their afternoon run in, we managed to get all of our photos done with plenty of laughs. 

The whole day was awesome, I couldn't have asked for a better way to start the season!